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Надо охарактеризовать каждый из абзацев одним предложением(можно на русском)
1) Its Monday morning and while you are getting dressed, youre looking at yourself in the mirror. Im too skinny. Id like to put on a little weight and be a bit taller and more muscular, you think. I also wouldnt mind thicker hair, longer legs, better teeth and a smaller nose. Speaking of my nose, is that a pimple on it? Oh, here we go again! I cant go out. I cant stand people staring at me.

2) Do these remarks sound familiar? Almost everyone would like to change something about their bodies. Teenagers feel that way quite often because their bodies change while they are growing up. As your body changes, so does the way you feel about your physical appearance. Your body image often affects the opinion you have of yourself.

3) As your body matures, you may think that it draws attention to you, and you may feel uncomfortable. You may also compare yourself to your friends to see if you are normal. But growing up doesnt happen at the same speed for everyone. Girls usually start changing sooner than boys. Sometimes, they suddenly put on weight as their bodies need fat to grow. On the other hand, boys notice their shoulders getting wider and their voices getting deeper. These changes usually take place over two to five years.

4) Media images from TV, movies and advertising may also affect your self-esteem. Women and girls on TV and in magazines are usually thin while men look strong and very muscular. This can make you believe that something is wrong with you if you dont look this way. Media images may also put pressure on you to go on extreme diets or become obsessed with weight training. Remember that its more important to exercise regularly and eat healthily than to try to change your body to fit an unrealistic image. Adverts sell fantasy and vanity, not reality.

5) Although you may often think that your classmates notice every single pimple on your face or every single pound you gain, this is not the case. What they notice is how you feel about yourself. You need to focus on the things you like about yourself and walk with confidence! If you like yourself and the way you look, other people will too!
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1) Your problem you can find in your look

2) Keep fit and your body

3) Feel sad about your body

4) Fashion how an ideal

5)  If you like yourself and the way you look, other people will too!
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