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Составьте предложения:are happy,are cruel,arent hapy,keep animals in cages,feed animals every day,feed animals with food which is not good for them,cant run and jump as they like , travel very often , are afraid of their master , do things they dont like.слишком большие предложения не не надо) помогите пожалуйста срочно нужно !!!по английскому языку )даю 30 баллов
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ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! ДЛЯ ТЕБЯ СТАРАЛАСЬ!Many people think that wild animals, living in jungles, forests and mountains, are cruel, and animals living in the zoo are kind, funny and they are real peoples best friends. But its not like that. Not everyone knows that these animals arent happy to live in the zoo because they live there like in prison. People that come to see them on the weekends often feed animals with food which is not good for them, and after that monkeys, bears and others are falling ill. Animals are afraid of their masters as they beat them in cages to be calm and obedient. and every day they have to do things they dont like.  animals cant run and jump as the like because they are not free. The zoo also travel very often from one town to another. Its very hard for poor animals. We cant forget that we should take care of animals because they are our little brothers and friends. We should be responsible for them, and let them live in their native places - in jungles, forests and mountains as they are free there and happy.
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