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Прошу уже 2 раз!! Даю много баллов !!!Привет нужен реферат на английском языке про Национальную еду Казахстана , не слишком замудреный и тд , а обычный , простой )
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Firstly,guests were served mare, shubat or ayran, and then - tea with milk or cream,baursaks, raisins, irimshik, Kurt. This was followed by a snack of horse meator lamb - kazi, shuzhuk, stings, zhaya sur-em, card Kabyrga. On any table werenecessarily made of wheat flour tortillas.The mainnational dish of Kazakhs is beshbarmak (five fingers). Beshbarmak made fromlamb, beef or horse meat. Flavorful meat eaten with thin rolled out and boileddough pieces. The perfect complement to the dish is rich flavored broth -sorpa, usually served in bowls. At the end of the meal is served mare, whichwas again followed by tea. Nationaldrinks mare, shubat, kymyran. Healing drink mare (mares milk) has healingproperties and energizing effect and is used to cure diseases of the lungs andgastrointestinal tract. Kazakhcuisine. Koumiss Shubat - is among the most valuable dairy drink after koumissmade from camel milk. Technology of preparation shubat less complex than kumys.As mare, shubat fermented and stored in a special dish made of leather, wood orceramics. Shubat not whipped, and brought up to standard by stirring. Shubatdelicious, greasy and thick drink. The caloric content and healing properties,it is not inferior to koumiss. Two or three shubat considered as the best andquality. Addingcamel milk cow or sheep, get katyk, while adding suzbe (thick sour curd) orkurta receive ezhigey (gentle Kurt). Wide andvast Kazakh land. In various places in Kazakhstan shubat called differently. InCentral and Western Kazakhstan - shubat in South - kymyran, East - Tuye kymyz(camel mare). However, the methods of manufacturing the same everywhere. Alsokymaran or hymyraan - this drink is usually made from a mixture of boiled waterwith the addition of milk (sour or fresh). Soft drink and Mongolian called hyarIn eldertimes Kazakh cooking different kind of technology. The peculiarity of the wayof life of the Kazakh people left a mark on cooking methods. In traditionalKazakh food preference was always given cooking. This process allows to obtainsoft and delicate flavors of meat gives it juiciness and flavor. Kazakhcuisine. Baursaks Great place was given to harvesting and storage of products.During the slaughtering of the meat harvested for future use for which it wassalted, vyalili, sometimes smoked, cooked gourmet products are mainly made fromhorse meat - kazi, shuzhuk, stings, zhaya, map and others. Bread oftenbaked in the form of cakes, baked products of the most popular used and enjoyedbaursaks. Ancient  dish trash were made of leather, wood,ceramics, every family had a cast-iron cauldron where food is prepared. Teaboiled in cast iron jugs, and later - in the samovar.
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